Twitter Doesn't Know What To Make Of The Donald Trump Hall Of Presidents Robot

Disney World has re-opened the Hall of Presidents, debuting the new animatronic Donald Trump. Now, Twitter doesn't know what to make of it.
While the robot looks a bit like the current POTUS, Twitter users have claimed it takes a likeness to a few other people as well.
Many believe the robot resembles the winner of the 2016 presidential race's popular vote, Hillary Clinton.
"I'm not saying Disney made a Hillary robot and last minute changed it into Trump clothes but," one user tweeted.
Others suggested he looked like actor Jon Voight, specifically Jon Voight from the first Mission: Impossible.
One Twitter user hinted at the robot resembling the nightmare-inducing doll, Chucky.
The 45-year-old attraction has been closed for nearly a year as Disney Imagineers have readied it for the new addition. Some suspect the delay was due to Imagineers not knowing how to incorporate the new president given the precedence that every president since Bill Clinton has been given a speaking role.
"Given how polarising the president is right now, Disney Parks & Resorts is currently trying to find [a solution] that approaches middle ground," a source told Motherboard. "They want to include our 45th commander-in-chief in this 45-year-old theme park attraction, while at the same time, not seem to endorse or support some of Trump's more controversial policies. Walt Disney World might elect to push the attraction's opening date back to the fall and then make further tweaks to the show."
Those who thought the robot looked like Hillary Clinton might not be too far off. The Imagineers reportedly were, like many people, convinced that Clinton would win the election.
To be fair, many of the animatronic figures in the Hall of Presidents do not closely resemble the people they are commemorating. Barack Obama's robot doesn't look much like him either.
Disney World's website includes details on each of the park's attractions. In it, it is said that the concept was "too ambitious for the technology of the time" when it came to the park in 1971.
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