Dole Is Going Bananas Over Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's Royal Engagement

Everyone knows one of the best parts about any wedding reception is the dessert, be it a wall of doughnuts or a 16-foot cake castle. So it was no surprise when people started speculating about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding cake immediately after they got engaged.
Would they follow in Prince William and Kate Middleton's footsteps and serve a massive fruitcake? Would they try something trendy, like a fun twist on an ice cream sandwich? After much deliberation, the people of the internet (and Refinery29) decided it was entirely possible that the royal couple could actually go for a banana cake, citing Prince Harry's love for the fruit as the main reason. (Also, because banana bread is delicious and we have no reason to believe a banana cake would be any less scrumptious. Facts are facts, people.)
Anyway, the chatter surrounding the cake seemed to die down a bit in recent days as we all focused more of our attention on the couple's first dance, who's going to be selected as Markle's bridesmaids, and what Prince Harry's bachelor party might look like. Thankfully, fruit giant Dole has encouraged us to get back on track to the things that matter most: Sweets.
According to Delish, Dole tweeted out a congratulatory message to the couple that celebrated both their engagement and their (still unconfirmed) choice to go with a banana cake in hopes that they might be able to craft the sugary creation.
Delish also reports that Dole recently announced that the company's own Mark Allison would happily put on his baking mitts to make Prince Harry's dreams come true.
"As a lifelong fruits and vegetables ambassador, and a U.K. resident, designing a banana cake worthy of Prince Henry of Wales and the future Duchess Meghan Markle represents a higher calling, both personally and professionally," Allison said, according to Food & Wine. "We'd be representing not only the thousands of Dole employees and family farmers but the hundreds of millions of banana lovers worldwide."
You've gotta respect a man who's that passionate about his produce.
So far, neither Prince Harry nor Markle have announced their intentions to take Allison up on his offer, but with only about five months to go until the big ceremony, they're sure to be making some serious decisions soon.

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