Haim Finally Gave In To This Year's Trendiest Haircut

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People may still be scratching their heads over how to pronounce the band name HAIM, but there is one thing we can all collectively agree on: the three sisters each have long, enviable hair. Well before we were bobbing our heads to the group's long-awaited second album, we were admiring their signature hairstyles. But as of today, they're trying out something entirely different: 2017's most popular haircut, the long bob.
Yesterday, Haim's Instagram account posted a photo of two of the three sisters, Danielle and Alana, with brand-new, blunt chops that graze their collarbones. The verdict across the board? This look is even radder than before.
But unlike the lobs that swept Hollywood in 2016, the timeless style has since evolved into a more structured and sharp cut — often getting called the Sci-Fi Bob. With stars like Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian West, and Kelly Rowland maintaining the short style for months, it certainly feels fitting that the trend-setting Haim sisters were next on the list.

short hair don’t care ?‍♀️

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When Haim shot to fame, it was their lustrous hair that has continued to be the second most recognisable feature for the artists (the first being their lush vocals and likeable sound, of course). For as long as we can remember, Este, Alana, and Danielle rocked the kind of length and texture you might find on a commune in Southern California during the summer of '69. It was long, loose, and reminiscent of a flower child — or Yoko Ono. Alana, the youngest of three, even told Refinery29 back in 2013 that she'd most likely never cut her hair short.
Apparently, no one is safe from the infectious hype of the lob.
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