Chrissy Teigen Just Called Out Whoever Is Leaking Info About Her

Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.
Finding out a friend has talked about you behind your back is always bad, but finding out a friend has talked about you behind your back through a headline must be even worse. That recently happened to Chrissy Teigen, and she is, understandably, not very happy about it.
Today, E! News posted an article about Chrissy Teigen’s current pregnancy cravings, and when the story was shared on Twitter, Teigen commented her displeasure. According to the article, the information about what Teigen is craving now that she's expecting baby number 2 was provided exclusively to E! News by "a source." That same source was also referred to in the piece as their "insider," meaning it was probably someone close to Teigen.
When the model saw E! News' tweet sharing the story, she retweeted it, and added a comment shading whoever this so-called "insider" is. She wrote, "You guys should do a service to all the celebs who give you hourly content and say who your sources are so we can get rid of the shitty 'friends' in our lives who sell you stories."
Chrissy Teigen threatening to "get rid of" those in her inner circle who speak to the press about her isn't an unusual occurrence in the life of a celeb. The Kardashians are no strangers to firing those who spill info about their personal lives. In April, Kim's younger sister Khloé mysteriously cut ties with her personal stylist Monica Rose. Though never confirmed, it was rumoured that Kardashian fired Rose and that legal actions followed. Could it have been because Rose was talking?
Kim Kardashian also recently used Twitter to called out those who were talking to the press about her and her sister's unconfirmed pregnancies. Teigen could be following in her friend Kim's footsteps by first throwing shade via social media. Perhaps the next Chrissy Teigen headline we'll see will be of her own making.

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