This Riverdale Star Wants To Bring Back This '90s Hair Trend

There are some pop culture staples so quintessential of a certain decade, it's nearly impossible to imagine it making any sense in 2017. Think: lava lamps in the '70s, the Walkman of the '80s, or Crystal Pepsi in the '90s. Sadly, most of what we miss about the past never has a chance at a second life. But unlike outdated video games or a translucent soft drink, there are some throwback beauty trends you can advocate a comeback for on Twitter — like Riverdale star Camila Mendes did with zig-zag parts.
The actress recently tweeted a collage of classic zig-zag hair parts from the '90s, cosigned with the caption: "Can we bring zig zag parts back already [sic]." The hair part styled to create a Z-like formation was irrevocably popular in the '90s, once worn by Friends stars Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox, and Christina Aguilera. But by the mid 2000s, the iteration of a simple middle part had died, if not only because creating the perfect zig-zag shape was nearly impossible to master. Still, Mendes is apparently very ready for its renaissance.
Despite Mendes' enthusiasm toward the nostalgic look, users on Twitter don't seem to be as eager. Like the Y2K hysteria, this is one phase most people hope doesn't come back. A majority of the replies echo a resounding "no" to the style suggestion, while other fans agree that if anyone could pull off the zigzag style, it's Mendes. But if we have to base our trend forecast off of this year's hottest comebacks — scrunchies and bobs included — it's safe to say zig-zags aren't far behind.
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