Did This Board Game Predict Ben Affleck's Big Career Move?

Photo: Barry King/Getty Images.
Ben Affleck was officially crowned the protector of Gotham City in 2016, with the premiere of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, one particular board game may have predicted the Good Will Hunting star's turn as the DC Comics superhero long before Affleck even signed on to the film.
On Sunday, Twitter user @SESinkhorn shared a photo of a Trivial Pursuit question from an older edition of the game that's surprisingly problematic. The reason? Every single one of its answers is now wrong.
"This version of Trivial Pursuit is from 2008 and I’ve never been madder at a question in my life," @SESinkhorn wrote on the social media platform.
The question reads: "Who has never been Batman — Ben Affleck, Christian Bale, George Clooney, or Adam West?"
Any superhero fan can now safely say...all of them. Which means that this Trivial Pursuit question is the cruelest one of them all.
Naturally, people on Twitter had something to say about the board game's odd foreshadowing.
"Sure, predicts the future, blahblah, but the real question here is...Where is Michael Keaton?," posed one fan, here to make sure that Tim Burton's Batman is never forgotten.
"It says 'been' and not 'played,'" noted another. "So the only answer is "everyone who is not Adam West."
"Well, if we are to answer that with the knowledge we have today...George Clooney. Because he doesn't claim he was Batman," tweeted another, reminding everyone that the Michael Clayton star wishes he could forget his time in the Batmobile.
Affleck may be portraying the caped crusader now, but not everyone is impressed — including his own daughters, who are more into Wonder Woman. In an interview with E! News, the actor revealed:
"[My daughters] look up to [Gal Gadot] and think she’s so cool and awesome, like we all do...So I guess some of her cool must be rubbing off on me a little bit as a dad — at least I know someone cool!"
Hmm, maybe it's time for Affleck to whip out that 2008 edition of Trivial Pursuit and stump his kids.

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