The BBC One Christmas Advert Is Giving People All The Feels

There's something about the festive season that brings out our sentimental sides. The John Lewis Christmas advert has become such an annual tradition that people actually complain when it doesn't make them cry. And who can forget last year's heartwarming Heathrow holiday advert featuring a couple of adorable older teddy bears? Just picturing it still makes my eyes moisten.
Now BBC One is getting in on the 'tugging-at-our-tearducts' act. The channel has just released a Christmas short film/advert/ident called "The Supporting Act," which will presumably be shown frequently on the flagship channel over the next month or so. Set to Clean Bandit and Zara Larsson's hit "Symphony," it shows a young girl practising for her school talent show while her father watches on and carries out some seasonal chores. To say any more might spoil the ending, so I'll let you watch the whole thing below instead.
If you're feeling kind of emotional right now, you're in good company. Check out some of the reactions to "The Supporting Act" that BBC One viewers have been sharing on Twitter.
Is this the best Christmas advert of 2018? It's definitely a contender, but there's still plenty of time for someone else to sneak up and reduce us all to blubbering wrecks.

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