David Harbour Keeps Leaking Stranger Things Spoilers & The Creators Are Fed Up

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
David Harbour's Stranger Things character Jim Hopper is kind of the strong silent type. A series of tragic life events, including losing his young daughter to cancer, led Hopper to become pretty reserved and keep to himself. Harbour, on the other hand, can't keep his mouth shut. During a panel at Vulture Fest in Los Angeles over the weekend, Stranger Things' creators Matt and Ross Duffer, executive producer Shawn Levy, and cast members Finn Wolfhard, Paul Reiser, and Linnea Berthelsen answered questions about the show's recently released second season. While there, they touched on the subject of what a total and complete blabbermouth Harbour is, even when it comes to the most secretive details about the show.
According to a recent Hollywood Reporter article about the Stranger Things panel at Vulture Fest L.A. on Saturday, one highlight of the event was Matt Duffer talking about Harbour's big mouth. Apparently, it has become such an issue that the Duffer brothers have established a new policy for revealing story details to the actor. Matt Duffer explained, "We can’t tell David anything anymore. He’s cut off. He tweets it, he puts it on Instagram, he tells every journalist he can find … I’m not telling him anything." That's right, from now on, Harbour doesn't get to know anything about the show before it airs.
Shortly after Saturday's Stranger Things panel, Vulture tweeted Matt Duffer's quotes about their new no-spoilers-for-David-Harbour policy, and the actor responded. Don't worry, he wasn't angry with the creators. On the contrary, he claims that is exactly what he wanted all along. He retweeted the quote posted by Vulture and wrote, "Goal achieved. I get to watch season 3 with no spoilers." Playing along with the joke, Harbour also retweeted someone's post about how his spoiler-free season 3 script will look.
It seems that despite Harbour's chatty nature and the Duffer brothers' frustration with the actor's tendency to talk, there's no real beef between them. Though, we bet the Stranger Things creators do occasionally wish Harbour was a little bit more like the aloof Chief Hopper.

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