This Deleted Scene From Titanic Would Have Made The Film 10 Times Sadder

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Every night in our dreams, we see Jack and Rose huddled together on the door, which both of them could definitely have fit on top of, together in loving, eternal bliss, just as they danced together in third class.
Of course, our dreams are rudely awakened every time when Jack freezes to death in the water while Rose is able to escape. Thanks but no thanks, James Cameron. Rose is one of the lucky few that manages to be rescued by the RMS Carpathia, and Buzzfeed's unearthed deleted scene from the film makes that sequence much, much more heartbreaking.
A dazed Rose is helped aboard the rescue boat, where she collapses from exhaustion on top of a nurse. We then see the child that Cal essentially used as an excuse to get on a lifeboat. We always wondered what happened to the kid; it's nice to know that they actually survived.
There's also a haunting scene of J. Bruce Ismay, portrayed by Jonathan Hyde, as he endures the silent shaming stares of the surviving passengers. Ismay was an executive of the White Star Lines, which built the Titanic. At the time, Ismay was widely blamed for the sinking, as it was his decision to reduce the number of lifeboats aboard the ship from 48 to 16. In the deleted scene, the survivors' glares are like daggers.
Lastly, the deleted scene also shows Ruth Dewitt-Bukater, Rose's mother looking for her among the rescued. Ruth wasn't the kindest mother, and really wanted Rose to marry Cal for the social standing, but it's nice to see that she still loved her daughter.
This extended scene tugs at our heartstrings even more — but we wish it was part of the original release. Having a few loose ends tied up at the end feels much more satisfying, even if 20 years later we're still smarting over Jack's death.
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