With A Kardashian Blessing, Your Latest Shopping App Is Here

If it's hard to imagine the human experience without Instagam these days, that's because you, too, are hooked on shopping, stalking, and double-tapping your way through life. We've got the app to thank for that, of course — and maybe a few of your exes — but also, the platform's most followed stars who've doubled their followings through it: Kim Kardashian being one of its most extravagant, prime example. Well, the selfie savant has bestowed yet another one of her valuable blessings upon a new Instagram perk that'll surely take extracting style cues from your favourite influencers from flattery to reality. Fingers, meet Screenshop. Screenshop, meet our credit card numbers.
Advising on the app since its early stages, Kardashian has made one of her dreams come true: The ability to shop via Instagram is now easier than ever before. Essentially, users can now make use of their cornucopia of saved-for-later screenshots and shop directly from them by way of a variety of similar products — and sometimes the exact one — at a myriad of price points. It's (allegedly) that simple. Of her latest tech feat, entrepreneur Kardashian said via official press release: "It’s not a secret that I love social media and the notion of being able to shop from my feed is something I could only dream about. I’ve been working with the ScreenShop team to help define the concept and shape the user experience for over a year now. I am truly excited to bring it to market."
The app, co-created and co-founded by Molly Hurwitz, Mark Fishman, Ari Bregin, Meir Hurwitz, and leading Israeli technologist, Jonathan Caras, is poised to change the way millennials shop through social media as we know it. Long gone are the days of scouring comments for shopping credits, heaven forbid your favorite blogger forgot to tag their duds.
And while there's no word yet on whether or not Kardashian will start hocking her own pieces off through the app, until then, feel free to continue screenshotting her many bodycon ensembles. Peep the official shoutout below.

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