KJ Apa & His Stunt Double Are Legit Twin Archies

Photo: Courtesy of the CW.
Everybody knows that there are two Betty Coopers. There’s the girl-next-door, who wears her shiny blond hair in a perfectly curled high ponytail, gets straight As, and runs Riverdale High’s school newspaper, and then there’s dark Betty, who forces boys to make amends for what they’ve done to girls, blackmails Cheryl to save her boyfriend’s dad from a lifetime prison sentence, and frequently draws blood from her own palms with her clenched fists of frustration. We always knew about these two sides of this complex character, but we just found out that there are also two versions of another Riverdale resident, and it’s not at all who we expected. According to a photo recently shared on KJ Apa’s Instagram story, there are also two Archie Andrews.
That’s right, one of the most one-dimensional characters has two sides, one played KJ Apa and one played by his stunt double named Matthew Mylrea. In Apa's recent Instagram story post, her and Mylrea sat next to one another on some white stairs, and we almost couldn't tell who was who. The two swarthy redheads posed in Riverdale Wrestling T-shirts, matching dark hoodies and those eyebrows. Since we know Apa can play all of Archie's terrible music on his own and because of the shirts they're both wearing, we're guessing Mylrea was on set to film some physically intense scenes that could be coming our way later this season.
We did some digging, and it turns out Matthew Mylrea has been doing stunts for some time. According to IMDb, he has appeared in Smallville, Supernatural, and Supergirl, so clearly he's a favorite of the The CW's. Though he's done a lot of stunt work in the past, when you compare Mylrea and KJ Apa, it seems like this guy was meant to play Archie Andrews' other side. Take a look:
Photo: via @kjapa.

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