An Edgy New Haircut Isn't The Only Thing Different About Claire Foy

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It's official: Claire Foy was been replaced for the upcoming seasons of The Crown. But don't cry tears of pity yet — the actress recently landed a new role and it has since left her completely unrecognisable.
Back in September, Foy announced she would be replacing Rooney Mara in the 2018 film The Girl in the Spider's Web. A continuation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo story, Foy is now getting ready to step into the role of computer hacker Lisbeth Salander. But besides having to adjust to an entirely different character — after all, she was just playing Queen Elizabeth — the actress has also made a physical transformation as well. And this latest look is a little less royal and a little more punk rock.
Over the weekend, Foy debuted a new raven black hair and pixie cut at the Britannia Awards, and you would barely recognise her. Call it a cliché, but we haven't seen a good-girl-gone-bad evolution like this in awhile. But the question remains: Does she look like her new character? While we're accustomed to Mara's choppy and uneven length in the movie, Foy's new cut appears more polished and pretty than repelling. But, based on Mara's first-hand experience with her own Salander conversion, this decision makes a lot of sense.
After the first film wrapped, Mara admitted that shaking off the character's edgy, punk aesthetic in real life was harder than she anticipated. She even kept the blunt bangs and faux black hair for some time. Could this be the Hollywood transformation Foy has been waiting for? Possibly. All she needs now are bleached brows and a trendy piercing to go along with it.
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