This Viral Tweet Is All Of Us After Leaving The Nail Salon

There's something inherently glamorous about getting your nails done. It doesn't have to be a $100, gold-foiled manicure — although Rihanna does make quite the case for it — but the act of having 'em buffed, trimmed, and painted just makes you feel fabulous, and one viral tweet just captured that exact sentiment.
Twitter user @Sugarsiah recently posted a series of photos to his feed showing the process of getting his nails painted — and the results emulate exactly how we feel after leaving the nail salon. The only difference is that his personal nail technician happens to be his younger sister. "Lil sister wanna be a nail tech or sum shit like that and she asked if she could practice on me....not gon on lie I feel like a bad bitch..." he told his 3,000 followers. Yeah, we've been there.
In the shots, you can see @Sugarsiah showing off the polished acrylics — by holding just about any object he could find, like a jar of pickles or lollipop — proving just how good getting a great manicure can feel. Since the tweet went up last night, it has garnered more than 180K likes — and counting — on Twitter. The only thing better than the actual post, though, is the reactions and support. (Like we said, that unstoppable feeling is pretty damn relatable.)
If you haven't experienced the immense joy that comes with leaving a nail salon ready to play hand model on Instagram, Snapchat, and every other social media platform in between, then you might need to find a new hair salon. Or, if all else fails, enlist a willing member in your family — because that kind of bonding moment is priceless.
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