The Low-Maintenance Secret Behind Gisele's Iconic Blonde Hair

All you need to do is scroll through her Instagram feed to know that Gisele Bündchen is a woman who has very nice things: a child who does yoga, a beautiful speckled horse, a conventionally attractive husband who is both good at sports and picking out massive floral arrangements, an admirable passion for environmental causes, and many diamonds, to name just a few.
But of all the lovely things, material or otherwise, that Bündchen gets to call her own, her hair is perhaps the one that has inspired the most envy over the years. Thick and voluminous, with a lush natural wave and sunny, natural-looking highlights, the supermodel’s hair is so iconic, it’s been credited with singlehandedly kicking off the ombré phenomenon. Now, her longtime hairdresser Harry Josh has at long last revealed the secret to getting colour just like Gisele’s. It’s… highlights!
The celebrity hair pro, who also works with everyone from Rose Byrne and Claudia Schiffer to Kate Hudson and Bella Hadid, recently shared an Instagram photo of his client’s freshly lifted hair — looking characteristically carefree and tousled. “One of our most frequently asked Q’s: ‘How do I get Gisele’s amazing hair colour?!’” he wrote in the caption. The truth, revealed: “It’s only highlights with 20 volume bleach - which she does 2 or 3 times a year, if I’m lucky. She’s so low maintenance!”
Perhaps Gisele doesn't have just good genes to thank for her glorious hair, but rather the double whammy of good genes and a highly skilled Hollywood-favourite stylist to tend to her low-maintenance highlights two or three times a year. Seems reasonable enough.
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