In Case You Just Googled "Last-Minute Halloween Costumes"…

Photographed by Courtney Yates.
When it comes to Halloween, there are two types of people out in the world: those who have "it" and those who don't. The ones who have "it" usually come up with their costumes way ahead of time. And they're not just regular costumes, either — they would never be "sexy anything," they would never wear something you can just buy in a bag at the pop-up costume store, and they would never wear something that would result in matching someone else's costume at a party.
This post is not for them.
This post is for the rest of us. The ones who ignore Halloween because we can never come up with a cool costume, or the ones who managed to come up with good ideas years ago and are aware that lightning will not strike twice. For those of us who in high school dressed up as Gwen Stefani for Halloween parties because that's what we already dressed like all the time — and didn't even bother with a blonde or pink wig because that would be too much effort.
For you, who just Googled "last-minute halloween costume" because you told yourself you weren't going to do anything this year yet somehow greed to go to a costume party, and as much as you don't care about Halloween you also don't want to be that guy who shows up in regular clothes. Don't worry, we've got you covered.
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