These Celebrities Absolutely Slayed At Halloween

As the age-old tabloid section says, "Stars: they're just like us." At the very least, celebrities are just like us in the sense that they also require oxygen to breathe, food to subsist on, and shelter to live in. Unlike many of us, however, some celebrities have near-limitless resources, which they use to fuel luxuries, fantasies, and skincare routines.
Celebrities' ample time, money, and creativity are on full display around Halloween, when they upstage us all with elaborate and fantastical costumes. Take Kim Kardashian and her friend's Sonny & Cher costumes this year. Now that is the very definition of extra.
In the end, though, we admire these celebrities' commitment to the art of Halloween. Even if we don't have two makeup artists and nine hours to spare, we can be inspired by their costumes when we go to create our own. And maybe, if we're really lucky, we'll be invited to join Heidi Klum's party one day.

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