LGBT Twitter Is Back With A Halloween Hashtag

LGBT Twitter has been on a roll with cute hashtags lately, and now they're back in time for Halloween with the hashtag #SpookyLGBT. People have been sharing photos of themselves with Halloween costumes and decorations, accompanied by funny (if also cheesy) puns like "bisexual more like BOOsexual" and "I was a gaylien last year." But the best one is probably "My name isn’t casper, but you could be my boo."
This hashtag adds to a bunch of recent LGBT-themed hashtags that have been going around social media over the past few weeks. Last month, people were tweeting with the hashtag #ItsTheLGBT to make their sexuality known to the internet. These Twitter users shared selfies with captions like "in the words of Diana Ross,'IM COMIIING OUUUT'" and "If you're gay and you know it and you really wanna show it, join the hashtag."
People have also been using hashtags to spread awareness of specific identities within the LGBT community. The #BiTwitter hashtag clears up misconceptions about bisexual people – first and foremost the misconception that they don't exist. In a similar vein, #PanTwitter raises awareness of pansexual people, who are attracted to people of all genders. And through the #BlackGaySlay hashtag, Black LGBT people are affirming their strength in the face of two marginalized identities. LGBT Twitter also recently used the hashtag #LGBTBabes to post selfies, connect with one another, and share uplifting words like "I didn't choose to be gay. Just got lucky."
Along with being fun, these hashtags serve a political purpose. They're a way for LGBT people to make themselves visible and show one another and the rest of the world that they're proud of who they are. Hopefully, they'll also let others who see the tweets in their newsfeeds know it's OK for them to unapologetically be themselves as well.
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