Do Not Call Gordon Ramsay A "TV Chef"

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Crossing Gordon Ramsay is something only the bravest most foolish amongst us is willing to do. After all, the cooking icon is just as well-known for his volatile outbursts in the kitchen as he is for his ooey-gooey mac n' cheese.
Though he can be incredibly intimidating and harsh, people admire that Ramsay doesn't sugarcoat anything. He means, and stands by, what he says, even if that has earned him a No. 1 spot on many chefs' shit lists.
In an interview with Variety, Ramsay claimed that it's this level of authenticity that has propelled his successful career.
"I’ve only maintained this career in television for the past two decades because I’ve kept it real," he said. "Some people love it, some people hate it, but the thing I’m more concerned about is that there is no bullshit. I just kept it straight and called it straight."
And after years spent entertaining fans on shows like The F-Word and Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsay is keeping it "straight" by vehemently denouncing a popular descriptor given to him and others in the food television industry.
"That's why today I loathe the words 'TV chef,' because I’m not a TV chef, I’m a real person who works on TV," he said. "I mastered my craft and continue to push the boundaries."
For Ramsay, being on camera is just one part of his job.
"The first thing I say to all contestants [on Hell's Kitchen] is, 'Fox runs a network, I run a f–king restaurant, and no disrespect to cameras and interviews taking place, but you're going to run a restaurant, and I need your best, and if you can't give me your best don't expect me to hand you a cash check for a quarter of a million dollars."
You heard him, folks. Now, go sharpen those knives and get to work on mastering the chiffonade technique!

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