The Brilliant Way One Teen Used Fenty Beauty To Score A Homecoming Date

As we get older, it’s easy to feel nostalgic about our high school days. All those questionable beauty trends we followed, the late nights studying, those over-the-top school dances — what’s not to love? But there are very few things enticing enough to make us want to relive our awkward teenage years — unless, of course, we were bribed with Fenty Beauty.
As it turns out, one person’s dream is another’s reality. According to PopSugar, high school senior Sania Tran,took to Twitter this week to share her Fenty Beauty-themed homecoming proposal. "Said yes to the 'highlight' of my day. Can't wait for homecoming with him," Tran wrote in a tweet.
Here's how it went down: Tran’s classmate Alec Kealey created a sign decked out in gold markers asking, “Light Up My Night At HoCo?” But the cuteness doesn’t stop there. Kealey also gifted Tran a Fenty Beauty Freestyle Highlighter in “Killawatt” and an assortment of other goodies. Dream date, right?
"Alec knew that I loved the Fenty Beauty line and was so excited when Rihanna released it," Tran told PopSugar. "Lo and behold, he got it for me!" She also mentioned that, while she had previously swatched the same highlighter shade at Sephora, she left the store empty handed — making Kealy's surprise the most well-timed gift.
This might go down as the most lit homecoming invite in history — not to mention, the most thoughtful homecoming date ever. Oh, and we have a pretty good idea which highlighter Tran will be donning the day of the dance.
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