Lucy Hale Revealed The Secret To Her Bold Eyebrows

Ask anyone you meet whom they look to for eyebrow inspiration and you'll probably get a few, fairly consistent answers: Beyoncé, for her feathery arches; Lily Collins, for her bold shape; Cara Delevingne, for making the look fashun; and Lucy Hale, for showing us all that thick brows look good on TV screens (and Instagram feeds). And while each those women could easily win the nonexistent title of Best Celebrity Eyebrows, when it comes to the latter, we can't help but wonder how, exactly, she gets her aches to look so damn perfect all the time.
Unfortunately, Hale usually keeps her grooming routine under wraps. But today, she let the world in on her little brow secret — and, we can assure you, it is not at all what you'd expect. The Life Sentence actress recently posted to Instagram a selfie of her and her dad. In the caption, she wrote, "Papa Bear takes on the Couve 🇨🇦 Ya wonder where I got my brows from? 😏"

Papa Bear takes on the Couve 🇨🇦 Ya wonder where I got my brows from? 😏

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Here's what we thought her secret would be: A five-star tweezer. Weekly trim sessions with Kelley Baker. Or even a really good brow pencil. Suffice to say, we're certainly surprised to see Hale attribute her most recognisable feature to her dad. (Then again, the apple doesn't often fall far from the tree...)
I'm sure a lot of us have plenty of features that resemble our parents. I have my father's eyelashes. My friend has her mother's dimples. But we can honestly say, not one of us is as lucky as Hale and her genetically-blessed brows.
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