The Weird, Slightly Creepy Way Bratz Dolls Predicted Every 2017 Beauty Trend

In the early aughts, owning a Bratz doll was a status symbol — and pretty indicative of whether you had a "cool mum" or not. Bratz, with their pouty lips, big eyes, sexy outfits, and gigantic heads, became a sassy replacement for the classic Barbie doll. And not everyone was thrilled — including mostly conservative parents and Mattel (which launched a long legal battle against the brand).
It's been a while since we thought of those little bobble heads and their miniaturised Charlotte Russe wardrobes. That is, until bloggers began uploading Bratz makeup tutorials that scarily resembled the Kylie Jenner Instagram look that's so popular now. That got us thinking: Just how many 2017 beauty trends did Bratz dolls actually predict? Turns out, quite a few.
Check out the slides ahead to see six looks that Bratz dolls were wearing before the rest of us.

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