The Planets Could Cause Some Major Inner Turmoil This Weekend

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At 07:25 a.m. BST tomorrow morning, Jupiter will oppose Uranus, meaning the two planets will be directly across from each other in their orbits. This event may usher in a period of personal enlightenment for you, shaking up your social circle in the process.
Before making any snap decisions about the days to come, it's important to keep in mind what areas of our lives are ruled by Jupiter and Uranus. Where the former functions like a wise mentor, encouraging us to be kind and fair, the latter ignites our creativity and sense of originality. These influences aren't always in direct conflict with each other — we'd like to think we're pretty good at being kind to others and true to ourselves. But, when planets face off in an opposition, their differences are thrown into sharp relief.
As astrologer Jamie Partridge writes, this planetary opposition will pull us in two very different directions. Uranus' fight-the-system energy urges us to embrace our darker, more rebellious instincts — that's where we'll find the inspiration we've been seeking in our professional, creative lives. Who cares if we have to burn a couple bridges on our way to true originality, Uranus asks.
To put it simply: Jupiter cares. As fulfilling as it may seem to chase your wildest, most inventive dreams, there are people in your life besides yourself. It will be hard to ignore your planetary mentor's voice in your ear, reminding you of the commitments you made before your Uranus-induced stroke of genius. Are you sure you should cancel on your BFF? Will your mom really understand if you mute the family group chat?
The insidious thing about Uranus is that it can convince you that people with questions or doubts about your choices are only interested in holding you back. Say that, during this opposition, you decide you should pursue your side hustle as a full-time gig. If those closest to you voice concerns about this plan, they're just looking out for you in the long-term — not trying to sabotage your innermost vision.
What's normally a rare occurrence (Jupiter won't oppose Uranus again until 2030) has already happened once this year, on March 3. If you're the type who keeps a journal, it may be in your interest to reread your entry from that day and see what was top-of-mind for you then. Or, you could always check what your 'scope had to say that week.
If you look back and find that you stirred up needless drama by accident or even ghosted a few friends, let this second opposition of 2017 be an opportunity for you to not make the same mistakes. Don't stomp down any creative inspiration that hits starting tomorrow, but keep the needs of others in mind, too. With luck, you'll make it out of this opposition with your friendships intact, a fantastic project to pitch at the next big meeting — and nary an identity crisis to speak of.
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