First Look: Pinky Takes On The Complicated World Of Middle School Girls

Anyone who made it through the eighth grade probably remembers how middle school's unique blend of competitiveness and insecurity can breed some pretty toxic friendship dynamics. Buoyed along by that insatiable desire to seem cool and experienced — especially when it comes to sexuality — early adolescence represents a notoriously difficult time for defining the boundaries between yourself and your besties. In our latest Shatterbox Anthology film, Pinky, directors Roja Gashtili and Julia Lerman spotlight a critical conversation about the corrosive, and often uncomfortable, social pressures faced by young girls entering womanhood.
On its surface, Pinky feels like a casual glimpse into a very familiar world: a lazy afternoon spent hanging out with your gossiping crew, the promise of a swim in your best friend's pool. But as fans of 2003's iconic teen drama, Thirteen, will remember, nothing's ever so simple in the precarious kingdom of competitive, cliquey girl squads. Inspired by true events and starring 13 Reasons Why alum Giorgia Whigham, Pinky asks us to reconsider all those first experiences you might not be close to comfortable with yet. A sure lightning rod for anyone who's ever felt pushed around by those who should have lifted you up, Pinky is a deliciously conflicted look at the difficult task of becoming an adult. Catch the trailer for this game-changing film above, and don't miss the full movie here.
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