Even The Actor Who Plays Jorah Mormont Is Team Jon Snow

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With the season finale of Game of Thrones coming up, we're going to have to face some hard facts. This whole season has been building towards one thing and even if you don't want to hear it, it's probably going to happen: Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow are going to get together. There are so many reasons why this is weird (most importantly: incest), but none of those reasons have ever stopped the show's writers before. So, let's just accept it. If the actor who plays Dany's former love interest, Jorah Mormont, can accept it, we can, too.
After everything they've been through together, Jorah is still deeply infatuated with his Khaleesi. Who wouldn't be? But Iain Glen, the actor who plays him, told The Hollywood Reporter that he thinks of it in another way.
"I don't know, but I do think in some way, emotionally, Jorah has moved on from hoping, really, for any physical reciprocation," Glen explains. "His love for her and his adoration of her and her abilities and capabilities remain undiminished entirely. "
But after being rejected, then almost dying from sickness, and still remaining friendzoned, Jorah isn't still hung up on Dany. That doesn't exactly mean he wants Jon Snow to be with her. He just has a lot of respect for the guy, which explains him gifting Longclaw to his romantic rival.
"He's being very honest about it," Glen feels. "He's tacitly showing his appreciation of Jon, that he believes he's a leader. He's admired him. They're getting to know each other. I think there are many things happening, but I do think it's at least connected to a physical acquiescence."
Jorah and Jon already have a complicated relationship since the former's father rejected him, giving Jon the family heirloom. On top of that, Snow is getting with the women he loves. It can't be easy for Jorah or even Iain Glen, but they're getting through it. When Sunday comes around and the inevitable happens, we should all just keep it mind that it could be worse. We could be Jorah.
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