Samwell Tarly Is Getting A Lot Of Love From Twitter After Last Night's GOT Episode

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Watching Samwell Tarly ignore Gilly as she uncovered the truth about Jon Snow's parentage was truly frustrating, but in retrospect, it seems like it may have been a blessing in disguise. When Gilly presented him with the info about Rhaegar Targaryen's annulment in last night's episode of Game of Thrones, Sam was in the midst of a bit of a professional crisis, which led him to packing up his family and getting the heck out of the Citadel. This also means he's giving up his dreams of being a Maester — which may not have happened if he had been paying the least bit of attention to the important news Gilly was offering — means something huge for House Tarly and both Sam and Gilly.
Fairly early in last night's episode, we sadly had to watch poor hot Dickon get even hotter as he was burned to a crisp by Drogon. Perhaps even more significantly — though, admittedly much less sad — his father Randyll, Lord of House Tarly, was also killed by the dragon, which leaves Sam l the only remaining Tarly man.
Just as one must do to become a member of the Night's Watch, Maesters are required to give up their family ties and rights to inheritance. So, if Sam had not come to the professional crossroads and ultimately chosen to leave the Citadel, that would have been the end of House Tarly. Though he doesn't yet know that his father and brother are dead, Sam abandoned his Maester training last night, which means he's about to be a lord, and folks all over Twitter can't handle their excitement.
Not only are people excited that goodnatured Samwell has finally grown a spine and is about to have his time to shine, they're also thrilled that Gilly, a wildling, is about to become Lady Tarly. One Twitter user also pointed out that last season, Randyll acknowledged Little Sam as his grandson, which means he could inherit House Tarly one day, too. You know Randyll Tarly would have been so pissed if he knew this was what would become of his house when he died. And, that makes this storyline so much sweeter.

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