Holy Smokes! These Sisters Are Carbon Copies Of Kim K. & Kylie

Update: The sisters released a statement to Harper's Bazaar denying the plastic surgery claims, saying,"We didn't go through surgery at all as we are Muslim and our families are quite devoted so we aren't allowed to anyway."
This story was originally posted August 8, 2017.
Sisters Sonia and Fyza Ali are taking twinning to a whole new place. No, they're not dressing like one another, as cute as that is. Instead, the internet just came to the realisation that the two sisters are identical copies of Kim Kardashian West and Kylie Jenner.
Harper's Bazaar reports that the Ali sisters (who are based in Dubai and Kuwait) have allegedly gone through numerous rounds of plastic surgery to achieve the look, but the sisters insist that they haven't.

@tartecosmetics always throw the best events! Thanks for having us at the pool party ?? #soniaxfyza #LA

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Surgery (and huge sunglasses) aside, there's little doubt that the Ali sisters — Sonia is the Kim lookalike and Fyza would be Kylie — have been doing their best to keep up with their Kardashian counterparts. According to the siblings' official website, Fyza is a makeup artist and can count Middle Eastern royalty as her clients. Sonia is the one that focuses on social media and all-around lifestyling, which began with an interest in makeup and posting reviews.
Obviously, both of them seem to have moved on from simple reviews to embrace a sort-of Kardashian doppelgänger career. They dress like Kim and Kylie, contour like Kim and Kylie, and rack up Likes like Kim and Kylie.
At first, fans didn't know whether the photos were a joke or if they were actually looking at the Kardashian sibs. After an image of the sisters managed to rack up over 12,000 retweets, it became clear that the Ali sisters are on their way to becoming a worldwide phenomenon.
It won't be long until they're dancing alongside Ellen DeGeneres, getting invited to A-list Hollywood parties, and maybe even rubbing shoulders with their real-life inspirations.
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