This Is Not A Drill: Jaime Lannister & Euron Greyjoy Hung Out IRL

Euron Greyjoy came onto the Game of Thrones scene hotter than all three of Daenerys Targaryen's dragons on a goat-burning spree. Not only did he get noticeably sexier, but he also seems to have become way more maniacal. Though he's still relatively new to the show, he's already proposed to Cersei, destroyed the Iron Fleet in a fiery battle in the sea, and captured three women for Queen Lannister to torture.
If you'll recall, the baddest guy in the seven kingdoms (Ramsey Bolton and Joffrey are dead, after all) killed his brother, snatched up his niece, Yara Greyjoy, and threatened to kill his nephew, Theon Greyjoy. He's also been known to cut the tongues out of his crew's mouths. His loyalties to family and his crew aren't exactly what we'd call the strongest.
But while he seems hellbent on dousing the Greyjoy lineage in gasoline and lighting a match, he is pretty dedicated to serving Cersei. As a way to prove his devotion, Euron delivered Ellaria Sand and her daughter, Tyene, to Cersei to mercilessly murder as a form of revenge for the Sands killing the sole Lannister daughter, Myrcella. The generous gift (if you can really call it that) delighted Cersei, who hinted that she might be down for a rumble in the sheets with our new favorite villain.
Of course, one person wasn't too impressed: Jaime Lannister, who not only serves as hand to the Queen, but also shared three children with her. Although the siblings' relationship is questionable, it's still nice to see Jaime cares enough about his sister to warn her about Euron's brutal war tactics. Or, maybe he's just jealous. Who knows at this point.
Despite the drama at King's Landing, it seems that Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and Euron (Pilou Asbæk) are doing their best to get along in real life. The two were recently spotted watching a soccer game between Sevilla and Barcelona, looking perfectly content.
"When your sister forces you to spend time with her new boyfriend," Twitter user @BoyWithNoJob_ captioned the photo of the actors. The caption was a hilarious callback to the aforementioned recent plot in the show.
People seem to love the photo, too. Within a day of its posting, the tweet has racked up over 44k retweets. Who knows, maybe its wide-spreading growth is an indication that even though winter is here, it's not going to be as cold and heartless as we anticipated.

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