This Husband Has The Most Adorable Reason For Using Pinterest

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Let’s face it: Pinterest is basically one, giant wishlist. Whether you’re pinning outfits you want to hang in your closet, dishes you want to try, or places you want to visit (and take FOMO-inspiring Instagrams at), Pinterest is home to all of your wildest desires. But every once in awhile, those wishes come true IRL, like in the tale of one man who figured out how to turn his wife’s Pinterest dreams into reality.
BuzzFeed News reports that Jordan, also know as @CapricornKing_, responded to a question activist DeRay McKesson tweeted out Saturday morning. “Is Pinterest still around? I've never figured out what to use it for.”
Jordan has a pretty good answer to McKesson’s question. He uses an anonymous Pinterest account to follow his wife TyAnna’s account. That way, he can see all of the items she pins, take note, and surprise her with them. Basically, this tweet serves as Jordan’s official entry for the 2017 Husband of the Year award.
Jordan told BuzzFeed News that he started his Pinterest account after TyAnna agreed to go out a date with him. Valentine’s Day was coming up, and he had no idea what to get her. "She’s picky and she likes things that tend to be small [items] or I like to get things right the first time," Jordan told BuzzFeed. One of Jordan's friends suggested Pinterest, and though he had never heard of it, he signed up.
Turns out, making that account was a pretty good decision. Over the years, Jordan told BuzzFeed he’s given TyAnna “a sapphire nose ring, lip glosses, and earrings,” all inspired by her Pinterest pins and board. The best part is that, up until last week, TyAnna was none the wiser.
Understandably, Jordan’s cover was blown over the popularity of his tweet. It's been retweeted more than 86,000 times. People couldn't get enough of it.
So while Jordan’s secret may be out to TyAnna, perhaps he inspired some other people to secretly start following their partners on Pinterest.

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