We Finally Know How The PLL Mums Got Out Of The Basement

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Pretty Little Liars came to its end, but that doesn't mean that there weren't any loose strings remaining after the final credits. For a show that swerved, twisted, and had characters come back from untimely ends, fans weren't expecting a neat package of a conclusion, but one thing has vexed them from season 6: How did the PLL mums get out of the DiLaurentis basement during the faux prom that they threw for the liars?
Thankfully, Teen Vogue reports that showrunner I. Marlene King finally let the insatiable PLL fan base in on exactly how those three mums freed themselves. During the course of the show, it was never explained. King was in on it, too, adding a scene to the series finale with the mums casually discussing the situation.
"How did we get out of there?" Aria's mum said, only to get shrugs in response.

Will we ever find out how we got out of that basement? ? #pllgameover #pll #winemoms

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During a visit to the Pretty Little Liars museum at the Warner Bros. lot in Los Angeles, series star Shay Mitchell ran into King and, of course, she brought up the question plaguing the PLL army. King spilled it all on Mitchell's Instagram story.
"They were in there a long time and they had to probably climb on top of each other," King said. "Pam [Fields]...had to take her clothes off, and they put oil on her and slid her out of the window."
Photo: Instagram/@Shaymitchell.
It looks like Emily's mum is the real hero in this particular situation. Fans will remember that all three mothers were pretty sloshed during the entire situation. So much so that Pam abstained from drinking for an entire year after the incident. Maybe it was guilt or perhaps staying away from the juice was her way to repress the not-so-sweet memory of sliding through a window naked.
Whatever the reason, Liars fans are sure to appreciate this particular piece of information. Now, if only King would fess up and just let everyone know what happened to Addison. That would be great.

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