Rachel Lindsay's BFF Might Have Spoiled The Bachelorette Finale

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Fans may have to wait a few more days to see who gets Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay's final rose, but according to Bustle, her best friend may have accidentally given away Lindsay's final choice.
In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Linday's pal Astrid Loch — viewers may remember her from Nick Viall's turn as the Bachelor — casually mentioned some holiday plans that reveal a lot more than they seem.
Naturally, Loch is in on the action, since she's presumably attending the bevy of pre-engagement activities. But while Lindsay is doing her best to keep her new fiancé under wraps, Loch isn't as practiced. In describing Lindsay's travel schedule, she mentioned some very specific locales that have sleuthing members of Bachelor Nation connecting the dots like a team of CSI pros.
"They are going to Dallas to have a party there. He gets to meet all of her friends and non-Bachelor people, too," Loch told Zima. "And then they're going to Miami after that to have an engagement party there, too."
Miami happens to be the city that Bryan Abasolo hails from, which is giving fans a huge red flag to wave proudly above their heads. It's no guarantee, however, since Miami is a hot spot for engagement parties for people from all over. It does offer a very clear clue to Lindsay's possible fiancé, though. Loch doesn't mention Baltimore or Madison, which are the hometowns of Eric Bigger and Peter Kraus, respectively.
Bustle insists that Loch doesn't name Abosalo directly, so fans shouldn't start celebrating (or lighting torches and brandishing pitchforks) just yet. But it is the biggest clue thrown into the rumour mill so far, though, so anyone taking bets on the final winner may want to shift their alliances.

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