Liam Payne Was Twinning With Harry Potter When He Met The Queen

Photo: Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images.
Photo: Warners Bros/Photofest.
Are you ready for the most unforgettable look-a-like moment ever? Brace yourself because these doppelgängers will make you do one (or two) double takes.
Singer Liam Payne has come a long way since his One Direction days and last week, he moved on up and met the Queen of England, as reported by Buzzfeed. Yup, the one and only head monarch of England. For an occasion that special, Payne paid tribute to one of Great Britain’s best and the internet can’t get enough of it. He entered Buckingham Palace in a crisp black and blue suit and — wait for it — a perfectly round pair of eyeglasses. Almost immediately after he posted a picture of himself on Instagram, social media instantly put the two together and went wild with the Payne-Potter connections. People are even voting on which house he belongs in at Hogwarts and photoshopping him into a Gryffindor uniform.
Then again, can you really blame them? Anytime anyone puts on glasses like that, the wizard vibes are basically inevitable. The same thing happened to Justin Bieber when he donned a similar look during his Purpose World Tour. Though he rocked the magical lenses with a white tee and jorts, he had an undeniable resemblance to Daniel Radcliffe's iconic role. The only things both of them were missing was Harry's Hogwarts school cloak and that burgundy and yellow scarf he always wore.
Hey, Halloween will be here before you know it so maybe Payne should take cues from his fans and go full Potter mode for the holiday. Or perhaps this is a wakeup call for him to pursue an acting career like his former band member Harry Styles? Either scenario would be ideal. In short, we'll certainly keep our eyes peeled for his costume in October and watch out for him on the big screen.
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