Lena Dunham & Chrissy Teigen Bonded Over Having Musicians As Partners

Photo: Jackson Lee/FilmMagic.
While Lena Dunham and Chrissy Teigen work in two different industries, there's still a lot for them to talk about, and it's all thanks to their musician partners. Dunham has been dating Bleachers' Jack Antonoff since 2012, and Teigen married longterm boyfriend John Legend the year after. Both the relationships are supportive and happy, but that doesn't mean there aren't moments when the partners get on each other's nerves. Specifically, Teigen took to Twitter (her favourite social media) to complain about Legend's warm ups, and Dunham could totally relate.
"I know he has a beautiful voice and I know I am 'soooooo lucky' and blah blah but john's vocal warmups make me want to stab my brain," the model and mother tweeted on Monday.
This resonated with Dunham, who has to listen to Antonoff practice guitar on the regular, so she chimed in with her own joke.
"Jack playing guitar at home is emotional abuse 2 me," she replied.
"YOU GET IT," Teigen cried. "'durng durng durng durn' *higher note* 'durng durng durng durng.'"
Lest you think this means Teigen is ungrateful, the 31-year-old has done plenty to show her husband that she cares. Just this past weekend she surprised John Legend on Father's Day with a cake — and nothing else. As in, she was completely naked.
It's safe to say Teigen and Legend are closer than ever. In fact, they may be even closer than Teigen is comfortable with, since last week she expressed some serious concerns over John Legend vis à vis her butthole.
"John and I had a double date, and we were joking around, and I go, 'John's never seen my butthole,'" she told Marie Claire. "And John says, 'Are you kidding? Every time anyone does anything doggy style, you see a butthole. I see it every time.' I was like, 'We are never doing it doggy style again.'"
What's worse, John Legend's vocal warm ups or John Legend seeing her butthole? The world may never know.

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