Lena Dunham Had The Sweetest Message For Her Supportive Dad On Father’s Day

Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock.
Since her announcement in February 2016, renaissance woman, Lena Dunham has been vocal about her struggles with endometriosis. The major reveal came after she was forced to take time off from her Girls press tour. Despite Dunham's openness about the sickness and her visits to the ER making headlines, we never quite knew who was truly by her side through it all. That its, until now.
In a heartfelt post on Instagram, Dunham shared that it was in fact, her father, artist Carroll Dunham, who came to her rescue. “This may look like a blurry shitty iPhone pic but here's what it actually is: an image of my father on his zillionth ER trip of the year with me last month, checking to make sure no one came into the room who didn't need to.”
Back in May, Dunham was rushed to the ER shortly after hitting the red carpet at the Met Gala because of a flare-up. Endometriosis causes a woman’s uterine lining to build outside the uterus as opposed to inside. This condition can lead to an unbearable amount of pain.
In her Father’s Day Instagram post, Dunham let everyone know that her dad is always by her side in sickness and in health, but, most definitely in sickness. "This man has been with me day and night: as I slept after surgery, as I was wheeled into an MRI, as I lay abject and feeling sorry for myself," she wrote. "He made friends with every nurse. When I got home he blended banana shakes when I wouldn't eat, woke me up with my meds at 3am and made me laugh every day."
Dunham’s dad has been there since the beginning of not just her sickness, but Carroll was pretty instrumental when it came to her first period when she was 14 years old. Naturally — as has happened since the dawn of time — she was in shock. However, her father was “misty-eyed” and even had the know-how to explain to his daughter how tampons worked. Go dad!
Teen Lena was understandably mortified. Though, the now 31-year-old looks back on the memory with a great deal of fondness and appreciation. As she wrote on Twitter, her father is "my favorite artist and my best friend."

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