Ariel Winter & Her BF Levi Meaden Got Matching Tattoos

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Ariel Winter and her boyfriend, Levi Meaden, just took the ultimate plunge in their relationship. The couple got matching tattoos on Wednesday, and Winter documented their experience in her Snapchat story.
The new tattoos aren't Winter's first ink, though they may be some of her most personal tats. Before this excursion, Winter already had tattoos of a Greek phrase, her nieces' and nephews' initials, a Roman numeral, a tiger, and a spade.
So, what was the new ink Winter and Meaden decided on? It looks like the pair each got inked with half of a heart on their hands, which form a full heart when they're next to each other. Awww.
The couple also got tattoos of their apparent nicknames for each other — cheese for Winter and peanut butter for Meaden. It's interesting that they didn't go with the classic peanut butter & jelly — does anyone put peanut butter on cheese? — but it looks like they're happy with the decision.
Screenshot via Ariel Winter/Snapchat.
Screenshot via Ariel Winter/Snapchat.
In addition to the two matching tattoos she and Meaden got, it looks like Winter got some more new ink, too. She shared a photo of a snake tattoo on her inner left wrist, as well as a shot of herself getting another tattoo on her left hip. Somehow, she managed to keep her sunglasses perfectly perched atop her head through all of this, too.
Screenshot via Ariel Winter/Snapchat.
Screenshot via Ariel Winter/Snapchat.
As for which tattoo artist inked the happy couple, it appears to have been Doctor Woo, the L.A.-based artist famous for plenty of celebrities' ink. Winter posted a Snapchat photo of herself and a friend with some stuffed animals at the tattoo studio, captioning it "Woo's Elmos."
Doctor Woo also did Winter's tiger tattoo, so it makes sense she'd want to return to the same artist for her next set of ink.

? for @arielwinter #halfneedle

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