Swap Your Bag For A Basket This Summer

Is an #OOTD really an #OOTD if there isn't a handbag to pull it all together? Really, nothing makes any old jeans-and-a-top outfit pop like a cool bag — but, there's one phenomenon happening among the ladies of the 'gram that's putting our usual totes and cross-bodies to shame: Typical leather handbags are being replaced by baskets of all shapes and sizes.
From oversized to cute, colour-blocked mini-bags, there's something that just feels so summer-y — and since we can't avoid the reference, so very Jane Birkin — about a woven basket. The trend doesn't just take the simplest of outfits and give them a vintage feel — they're also ideal for sitting on the grass at the park or on the sand at the beach, without having to worry whether your handbag will get dirty or destroyed. Oh, and they go with pretty much anything.
To show just how versatile basket bags are, we've rounded up images of our 15 favourite women on Instagram who make the look all their own.