This Couple's Wedding Photo Shoot Featured An Actual Explosion

We've seen an uptick in creative wedding and engagement photo shoots recently, from a This Is Us-themed shoot complete with twinkle lights and a "terrible towel" to the ever-popular bridal party playing with puppies.
But we have never seen a wedding photo shoot with explosions — until now. One Japanese couple, reports Mashable, really committed to the theme. They asked the cosplay company Cosnavi to help them develop the idea for the shoot, which took place on Iwafune mountain, a former quarry.
YouTube screenshot.
A team set up a cement bomb to blow up just a few feet behind the couple while they posed in their tux and wedding dress (which, they noted in a blog post, were both cheap on purpose). After they took their photos in front of the explosion, they ran away action-movie style, in slo-mo.
The couple actually got married in 2015, but only just took their wedding photos. Looks like it was worth waiting for. We'd say don't try this at home, but it looks like — with a lot of expert help — this couple did and came out completely unscathed. So...don't try this at home without a team of pros helping you every step of the way.
See the full video of the photo shoot, below.

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