Amber Rose Is Bringing Back Her Bush, No Matter What Instagram Thinks

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock.
Amber Rose, a patron saint of sexually liberated femmes everywhere, gifted us all a treasure on her must-follow Instagram: a bottomless photo, with Rose in full repose to promote her third annual SlutWalk. But this isn't just any nude pic. She's bathed in copious amounts of oil, legs crossed just so, with her bush as the photo's focal point.
Even in 2017, pubes are still an issue. We've talked before about how pubic hair incites passionate debate from all sides of the issue, from the pube havers to pube waxers to people that have sex with women. It's one the most inconsequential aspects of going about your daily life, but it's a conversation that is still ongoing. So it's heartening when celebrities use their influence to make pubic hair feel like the mundane biological thing that it is. Pubes are just hair that grows out of a place on a body. All ways to groom your pubes are equally valid, but today it's still considered more socially conventional to remove your hair.
The nearly-nude pic only lasted about two hours before Instagram deleted it - not that Muva seems to mind too much. Luckily her glorious nude pic lives on, as she's also posted the photo on her Twitter (NSFW) and it's been reposted by many news outlets. In a follow-up video selfie, she rolls her eyes with a knowing smirk that Instagram is afraid of femme bodies. We all know that showing female nipples will get your photo removed, but in 2013 Instagram also deleted photographer Petra Collins' account because she posted a selfie with visible pubic hair poking out of a bikini bottom. One of these days we hope pubic hair won't be considered a huge deal, because it definitely isn't.

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