Did Orange Is The New Black Just Make The Best Kim Kardashian Joke?

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Orange Is The New Black may have just made the best Kardashian joke ever. And they did it with a little help from the so-called Kim Kardashian of France herself, Nabilla Benattia. Unfortunately, you won't see it in Season 5, but you can see it on Benattia's Twitter.
In the bonus scene, Benattia plays a new inmate whose hair is making Taystee and Black Cindy very jealous. The minute she sits down, Cindy calls her "Kim Kardashian White" before trying to get the skinny on what shampoo she's using since it's clearly not one the prison is providing. Benattia, who we learn is actually playing herself, won't talk about her shampoo or Kardashian.
The scene eventually ends with Benattia getting fed up with Cindy for yelling "hello" at her while making the international sign for telephone with her fingers. "Leave me alone with this catchphrase. I wrote a book. I'm a writer now," she Benattia before getting up and leaving the women stunned.
Now, to really get the joke, you have to know a thing or two about Benattia. According to Vanity Fair, she appeared on the French reality show Les Anges de la téléréalité (The Reality-TV Angels) in early 2013 where she and others were sent to Florida and tasked with finding fame in America. Benattia wanted to be like Kim Kardashian, and that my friends is how got the nickname the "French Kim Kardashian." It doesn't hurt, of course, that there's a striking resemblance between the two.
The OITNB "hello" gag is actually a throwback to one of Benattia's most legendary moments on the show. After her roommates didn't bring any shampoo to the house, she yelled into her fake finger telephone, "Non, mais allô quoi" (which loosely translates to "Well, hellooooo") before adding, "You’re a girl and you don’t have any shampoo? I don’t know, are you receiving me? It’s as if I were to tell you, I’m a girl, but I don’t have any hair!” No surprise, this became a meme that would eventually get Benattia her own reality show in France called Allô Nabilla.
Unfortunately, Benattia has yet to reach Kim K levels of fame in America. This is despite getting a chance to meet Kardashian while in Miami and getting a few tips from her. What Benattia is known for in the U.S., though, is being accused of stabbing her boyfriend Thomas Vergara in 2014. No surprise that Taystee is up on this hot gossip, but she got it a bit wrong. Benattia didn't kill her boyfriend with her bare hands, but she did spend a little time in jail for stabbing him several times in the chest. His wounds were serious but not life-threatening and she was later released. And, surprise, she is actually still with Vergara.
And, yes, Benattia did write a book. It's called Too Fast and if you believe it's one Amazon review, it's a "good book."

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