This ANTM Contestant's Texts With Her Dad Are Breaking The Internet

Photo: Courtesy of VH1.
If you had text conversations with your dad that were like this, you would post them online, too. Former America's Next Top Model contestant, Justine Biticon, recently tweeted screenshots of a conversation she had with her dad and they are the best kind of extra.
As a model, you often find yourself traveling a lot. This means you need your go-to person who will always pick you up from the airport. For Biticon, that is her dad. That is until this time. The text conversation starts off when the 18-year-old tells her dad that her mom is picking her up from the airport instead.
"Everytime I cancel any plan with my dad he does this whole thing to me and I realize where my extra-ness comes from," Biticon tweeted. When the former ATNM contestant was eliminated from Cycle 21, she went viral for meme-ing her own elimination. I guess you can say extra-ness runs in the family.
Biticon's dad wastes no time telling her daughter how he feels about being cut from airport pick up duty replying, "OK Mija, I see how it is. First, you don't go to the gym with me and now you don't want me to pick you up at the airport. It's OK."
She is quick to reassure her dad that she loves him. Without skipping a beat, he quips back, "It's ok...Enjoy your life...."
But wait, the extra-ness doesn't stop there! With being saved in your daughter's phone as "the glorious father," we would expect no less. No matter what Biticon says, her dad has a response that is equal parts melodramatic and hilarious.
"Tell your future kids that I love them. Just because they are kids of my favourite daughter," he replied. Biticon tries once more to get the conversation back on track when she was met with the ultimate message:
"The number you have dialed is now dead. Please don't try to call again. If you text to this number again, you will be charged with a long-distance fee. Heaven is really far away. And sadly, your dad is not there. Hell is even more expensive."
Soon the two are onto a different subject. The next day, Biticon sends a photo to her dad that she received from a friend. Apparently, her friend saw her dad at a restaurant and snapped a quick picture.
Without missing a beat, her dad has the ultimate response, "She should be ashamed to take pictures of sexy men in secret." And the award for best, most extra dad goes to...

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