Everyone Is Perfectly Fine With Rihanna Giving Their Boyfriend A Lapdance

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Everyone agrees, if your boyfriend is called up on stage for a lap dance from Rihanna, you best let him take it. This isn't some hypothetical question, it's actually something that could happen if you ever attend a Rihanna concert with your significant other. RiRi has been known to pull an unsuspecting man onstage with her for one dance, which got one man wondering how he would react if he was that guy.
As Buzzfeed pointed out, Twitter user @_ChickenGeorge wrote, "If Rihanna called me on stage this how Ima look at my girl before I fake jog up there." His bug-eyed photo really says it all here. But, what's even funnier is the reactions he got to the idea that he'd "fake jog" up there. Like the woman who wrote that "My man better not fake jog for Rihanna," he better "RUN."
Of course, others on Twitter had some gif-filled fun reenacting how their guys would get up there. One girlfriend wrote that "i'll be right in the front row hyping my mans up," complete with a gif of Kris Jenner supporting her daughter Kim Kardashian during a rather risque photoshoot.
Most agreed, though, that it was him not getting up their with Rihanna that would cause a problem. "Lmfao Bruh, I'm not talking to him on the way home if he doesn't go," one person wrote.
Another made it very clear that if their man doesn't go, Rihanna could have someone else, possibly someone even better. "If my man don't go on stage for rihanna," one user wrote, "ill go instead."
"i wouldn't even be mad at my man," someone else write, "Ask Ri if i can join y'all."
What is clear from all of these tweets, that these guys have some very supportive girlfriends.

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