Laura Linney's Love Actually Character Finally Got Her Happy Ending

All you need is love — and Sarah finally got some.
In the original 2003 Love Actually film, Laura Linney played a woman who was devoted to two things: her job, and her brother, who had an unspecified mental illness. Sarah came close to experiencing romance (or at least a passionate night of getting better acquainted with office crush Karl's washboard abs), but ultimately the responsibilities of caring for her sibling overruled her yearning for a fling.
That was then. This is now. Sarah wasn't featured in the UK version of the Love Actually reunion for Red Nose Day, which originally aired in March. Last night, American audiences finally got an update when NBC streamed the US version.
Per usual, Sarah is working late at the office, no Karl (Rodrigo Santoro) to keep her company. Her phone rings, and we presume it's her brother in the midst of an episode. (Also: How has she not changed her ringtone in 14 years?)
Sarah picks up the phone and offers her signature greeting.
"Hello, darling," she answers. "Absolutely. I'm almost finished. How are you?"
For the first time, we see who is on the other end of the line, and it's not her brother. It's Patrick Dempsey. Yep. Sarah went and married McDreamy.
Okay, so McDreamy is a little needy, the kind of guy who thinks it's adorable to interrupt his wife's work so he can remind her she married a curly-haired dreamboat. To his credit, he's also very loving, cooing "I love you very much" and "you're a very nice wife." Sweet. Now hang up and let her get back to that spreadsheet, man.
Sarah seems annoyed, but after the call she makes one of those reflective, gee-I'm-in-love expressions. So we guess she's happy! And we're happy for her!
One question that still plagues us: What happened to Michael, her brother? He is still alive? Does Patrick Dempsey pull his weight and help out? Do they all still live in England? Can we get another reunion to break it all down?

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