Harry Styles Can't Be Bothered About His Beard — Or Lack Thereof

When was the last time you saw Harry Styles with a beard? Trick question. The answer is Harry Styles can't really grow facial hair — a fact James Corden made sure to point out on The Late Late Show.
If you haven't been furiously googling the singer since his solo album dropped, then you wouldn't know that the former One Direction member has a five day-long residence on Corden's show this week — which comes with a string of mini roasts. And if you thought his reaction to a Jenner name drop was entertaining, then you will love this.
Aaron Taylor Johnson was a guest earlier this week, pleasantly sporting his usual thick beard. During a conversation, it became fairly obvious that only two out of three men could facial hair... and that list did not include Styles. In the clip below, you can see the "Sign Of The Times" singer point out that he "went clean shaven" for the day, to which Corden replies, "But that's every day." The audience laughs. Corden laughs. Johnson laughs. Styles, however, does not.
The host then goes on to point out that he's yet to see Styles ever grow a full beard. Playfully defending himself, the singer said, "That was rude." Johnson then piped in, "He's got some stubble there." Corden added, "That's nine weeks growth," referring to the virtually invisible hair on Styles' chin. "What is happening!?" Styles quips. Poor guy.
To be fair, Styles can grow some facial hair. Just check out his debut solo music video and Rolling Stone cover. But it's okay, Stylers, the jokes were all in good fun. And if his fans' tweets are any indication, plenty of people agree that he looks better without the scruff.
So, now we know the topics to avoid should we ever meet Styles: Kendall Jenner, Zayn's 1D departure, and his beard — or lack thereof.

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