Pippa Middleton Gets Adorably Cheeky With Fiancé After Church

Photo: Ricky Vigil M/GC Images
April showers bring May flowers... and weddings. With Pippa Middleton's wedding fast approaching (May 20, one day before my birthday if you were interested in that information) and we are getting more details about the royal-studded event each day. First we knew of the engagement in July 2016, then we knew of the springtime date, and now we know that the couple is more enamored with each other than ever.
Pippa, 33, and her fiancé James Matthew, were spotted outside of church in Chelsea, London, and their excitement to wed was clear from their intense gazes towards one another, as seen in these photos on The Mirror. (Listen, we take what we can get whenever a royal family member acts the least bit candid.) Pippa, who is not a party girl, has always been one of the most entertaining fixtures in the royal scene, and we expect the same entertainment at her wedding later this month.
Pippa and James won't be the only doting couple at the wedding though, as there's typically a "no ring, no bring" policy at royal weddings, per Vogue, which means basically everyone in attendance will be in the company of their marital spouse. That is, except for two couples: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and James Middleton and his date. Yes, Prince Harry is breaking protocol once again for his girlfriend. After news spread that Pippa had only invited Markle to the wedding reception and not the actual ceremony, The Telegraph now reports that the Suits actress will attend both events. The site also shared photographs of Markle and the Prince at a polo match, which marks the first public outing for the couple.
I can't wait to see the photos from this gathering — sure, to see Markle and Prince Harry, but mostly to see Princess Charlotte and Prince George, the true stars of the ceremony.

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