This Pretty Little Liars A.D. Theory Will Blow Your Mind

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On April 18, the final season of Pretty Little Liars kicks off, marking the end of an era. It’ll undoubtedly bring on all the nostalgia feels, but let’s not lose focus on what’s really important: The identity of A.D. will finally be revealed. Everyone in Rosewood is a suspect, but a new theory involving Aria’s uncle makes a whole lot of sense.
Cosmopolitan writer and Pretty Little Liars devotee Eliza Thompson has spent the past few weeks rewatching old episodes of the series for clues. If you’ve forgotten about Aria’s uncle Scott Montgomery, you’re not alone — he’s never actually appeared on screen. Scott has only been mentioned in passing, and pretty much all we know about him is that he has a history of mental illness.
So, how could he come into play in Season 7B? Thompson points out that Byron has repeatedly mentioned Scott has a history of mental illness — which probably means he spent time at Radley. When Aria’s brother Mike went through a rough patch, Ella suggested giving him space. Byron cryptically told her that, “My parents gave Scott space, and you know what happened to him.” (Ella may know, but viewers are totally in the dark.)
We know next to nothing about Scott, and his whereabouts are anyone’s guess. But, let’s assume that he did spend time at Radley — a completely plausible theory. The identity of Charlotte’s father remains a mystery, but we do know that it’s most likely someone Mary Drake met at Radley. And, in a bombshell delivered last season, the Liars uncovered medical records that revealed Mary gave birth to not one but two children.
Although Mary claimed to be Spencer’s mother in the Season 7A finale, plenty of viewers (*raises hand*) are skeptical. Thompson suggests that Aria, not Spencer, is Mary’s second child and her father is none other than Scott. Needless to say, neither Scott nor Mary could care for her — so perhaps Byron and Ella adopted Aria and never told her the truth about her parentage.
But wait, Thompson’s theory gets better — could A.D. stand for “Aria’s Dad?” And what if I. Marlene King hired Chad Lowe’s real-life brother Rob Lowe to play Scott? The possibilities are endless, but I’m totally on board with this theory. As we’ve been reminded multiple times, all roads lead back to Radley — and surely A.D. is no exception.

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