These Engagement Photos Are Reminding Everyone Not To Take Themselves Too Seriously

Photo: Evergreen Film Co.
Some couples go to great lengths to look flawless in their engagement photos. But Caitlyn Campbell and Andrew Tucker decided they were not going to play that game. Instead of donning a glamorous gown and tux and posing in a studio, they staged an engagement photoshoot inspired by Masterminds, one of their all-time favourite films.
Aside from loving the engagement shoot Kate McKinnon and Zach Galifianakis staged in the movie, the Chattanooga, Tennessee couple wanted to make a statement. During a time when people are striving to make their engagement and wedding pictures Pinterest-perfect, they set out to show it's OK to just let loose and have fun instead.
The couple spent the entire photoshoot laughing and loved the final product since it expressed their playful personalities. They were also excited to see them get so much attention. "We just hope that people gain joy and laughter from looking at our photos because we all need that in our lives," the couple told Refinery29. And they also hope others who may have been stressing over their own images can learn from their example.
Campbell and Tucker believe all the engagement photos we see on social media can create too much pressure to look perfect. "Weddings and engagements are so serious and competitive these days," they said. "Everyone wants the Pinterest look. Everything has to be perfect." And that's why they think their own photoshoot, created by Evergreen Film Co photographer Zoee Davis, has gone viral.
"We have had several people messaging us saying how it's such a relief to see people not take life so seriously, and also how our pictures turned their whole day around," she said. "It's like a breath of fresh air, seeing a couple that doesn't care to take it that seriously and just be who they really are."

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