People Shouldn't Be Outraged By This Actress' Pregnancy Photo

Photo: Kristina Bumphrey/REX/Shutterstock.
For some reason, pregnancy and parenthood are two areas where people feel like they have a right to weigh in about others' decisions. Never mind the fact that being a parent is difficult enough on its own – mums and dads seem to be under constant pressure and judgment from their "well-meaning" peers. And if you're a celebrity, that's even more true.
So, naturally, when Jenny Mollen posted a sweet Instagram photo showing off her baby bump, the trolls were out in full force. Most of the comments on her picture included heart emoji and messages of congratulations — but not everyone approved of the image. (Mollen is nude in the photo, and her three-year-old son, Sid, is in the background holding what looks to be a bath toy.)

Ah, the joys of expecting... #motherhood 💉🚬🔪⛓💊🍸

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One commenter criticised Mollen for being naked in front of her son, commenting, "I'd be furious too if I had to bathe in my mother's pubic hair runoff."
"Umm thats a bit much ..come on now you could at least been semi dressed," another person wrote on Instagram.
Another commenter pointed out that Mollen had a C-section with Sid, asking what her birth plan was for her second child. And plenty of people made remarks about the size of her bump, comparing it to their own so-called food babies.
Sadly, Mollen is far from the first celebrity to be criticised for sharing a photo of her pregnancy. When a pregnant Ciara, along with her husband Russell Wilson and son Future, posed for a Harper's Bazaar photo shoot, online commenters criticised the image. The two-year-old Future is nude in the photo, which led to comments trolling the family's decision. And when Rihanna posted a photo of herself in a bathtub with her niece Majesty, commenters called the image "gross."
It goes without saying, but there's more than one way to be a parent or to raise your kids. Some parents might be more open on social media than others — and that's their decision to make. It's not, however, our right to criticise other parents, celebrities or otherwise. (Plus, in my opinion, this photo really doesn't seem like a big deal.) It's Mollen's business what she does with her children — so let's get back to congratulating her and Jason Biggs on their upcoming bundle of joy.

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