Sugar Bear's Reaction To Mama June's Weight Loss Is 100% Unsurprising

Photo: Robin L Marshall/Getty Images.
June Shannon kicked off her latest reality show Mama June: From Not To Hot, with a clearly defined (and clearly problematic) mission: to get a "revenge body." After getting an invite to ex Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson's wedding, Shannon decides she wants to lose a large amount of weight and debut her new body at the ceremony to show Thompson what he's missing. Not necessarily the healthiest pursuit, but the woman's prerogative.
This Friday is the series finale, so we'll get to see everybody's reactions to Shannon's physical transformation from over 350 lbs to a size four. And while we don't get to see Shannon dropping in on Thompson's nuptials, it does look like we'll get to see Thompson's initial reaction to seeing his ex for the first time since she underwent gastric bypass surgery and hired a personal trainer.
An ET exclusive shows a sneak peek of the scene. It features Shannon, her trainer, and her daughters Alana and Pumpkin driving up to Sugar Bear's house in McIntyre, Georgia, where they all used to live. (Sugar Bear is Alana's father.) Shannon does not seem particularly excited to be revisiting the place. "That's the house I used to live in with the kids when Alana was little," Shannon explains. "They did a lot of work to the house and it looks better, but it's still the same damn house. That house doesn't serve good memories either."
She continues, "I know I look good but I am kind of nervous. Because this is going to be the first time I've seen Sugar Bear since the surgery, and I don't know what he's going to think... I don't know if I'm ready for this."
It looks like her ex might not be ready either. While the clip cuts off right before we get to see Sugar Bear's reaction, we do get to see a snippet of a confessional interview with him following the big reveal: "Oh shit!" We're looking forward to seeing his expanded reaction on Friday night, but the truth is that Thompson's appropriate and succinct choice of words here kind of says it all. Is this the kind of reaction Shannon was looking for?

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