Victoria Beckham's Cheeky T-Shirt Is Just Too Good

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If you didn't already know, Victoria Beckham is one of the best in the game at getting the last laugh. From her days as a Spice Girl, where the decision between a little Gucci dress and a little Gucci dress would go on to be an epic pop music punchline, to now, as a designer, where she uses fashion to troll the trolls, poking fun at herself in the process. The mogul stepped off the plane at LAX in a T-shirt yesterday that's devilishly cheeky, and all the way Posh.
"Fashion Stole My Smile" reads the tee that Beckham wore as she strutted through a sea of photographers en route to her next engagement (or, if we had our way, to film another 73 Questions). One could say the designer is peaking right now, thanks to her successful fashion label, her OBE, and a massive, size-inclusive collaboration with Target that hits stores next month. In addition to being cute as hell, Beckham's graphic tee is pretty affordable considering the price range of her eponymous label. The Victoria Victoria Beckham top comes in black and white, and is £95. Paired with a blazer or a wide-leg set of pleated trousers, we could see ourselves in the look, too. Though, we've been known to crack a smile more often than Beckham, of course.
If you're wondering where the bit came from, well, look no further than the aforementioned Vogue spot where she revealed in 2015 why she never breaks her runway-ready Posh mood. In the video, when asked why she doesn't smile, Beckham explained: "I'm smiling on the inside. I feel that I have a responsibility to the fashion community." What she means by that is kind of unclear, but we're going to guess that it's a reference to the reputation models have earned from their expressions on the catwalk (or, at least, since the days of the jubilant supers) — always serious.
But we all know Beckham is one to crack a joke. Hell, we'd consider the designer quite the comedian at times. But if you haven't had the chance to catch any of her jokes, or that time she treated a day at the DMV like a full-blown photoshoot, we highly suggest watching Being Victoria Beckham, a 2002 documentary on her and her husband David's meet-cute and respective careers. Well-played, Becks.

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