Chrissy Teigen & Her Mum Booze It Up In New Commercial

Chrissy Teigen's mum is finally getting the moment in the sun she deserves. (Fingers crossed a reality show isn't far behind.)
Vilailuck "Pepper" Teigen, a Thai-born cooking aficionado who has popped up in many of her famous daughter's Instagrams, has nabbed a role in a new ad for Smirnoff Vodka alongside Chrissy. Needless to say, she's a little excited.
Vilailuck, who is grandma to little Luna Legend, shared her "commercial debut" for the vodka brand on Twitter yesterday. After earning raves, she jokingly (or not) asked, "Should I be looking for a manager or something?" YES.
The video shared actually appears to be a series of outtakes, with Chrissy botching her lines, dropping some f-bombs, going to town on a burrito, and getting increasingly boozy as the camera rolls. She also jokes that her mother is trying to get more lines.
"Say 'Aw, hell yeah,'" she instructs her more sober mother.
"Aw, hell yeah,'" Vilailuck responds, adding, "Chrissy, you're so smooth." Honestly, this is the best thing we've ever seen. We may never fast-forward through a commercial again.
Chrissy explained the commercial deal in an Instagram post.
"Guys. It’s official. I’m in a relationship with @SmirnoffUS!" the model and TV personality shared. "I could have gone for a fancy vodka, but I didn't. I chose one that keeps it real instead. Smirnoff is actually a really great-tasting vodka, and they aren't afraid to be a little unfancy sometimes. Samesies. Take a peek behind the scenes with me and my mom @pepperthai2!!"
She also seemed amused by Mama Teigen's brush with fame.
"Warning: Mom hasn't been the same since. She is quite cocky now," she joked to her Twitter followers.
Nobody seems to mind. Everyone's eating it up.
"I would totally want to drink with your mom," tweeted one fan. "She seems awesome!"
"I instantly followed your mom," wrote another. "Just gonna help inflate her ego. Apologies in advance."
"Watch out Chrissy, she's comin for ya!" read another tweet.
Seriously: Pepper for President.

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