Jesse James Gave This Explanation For Cheating On Sandra Bullock

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I'll be honest: I don't spend very much time thinking about Jesse James. Though the motorcycle customiser did appear on the second season of The Celebrity Apprentice (he came in third place during Joan Rivers' winning season; the show's host went on to become President) and was the star of Spike TV stunt show, Jesse James Is A Dead Man, James really blew up in the press thanks to what many considered a colossal screw up.
That screw up, of course, was cheating on Sandra Bullock — something that was all over the tabloids in 2010. Now, James is talking to The Daily Mail about his complicated marriage — and he's over you judging him.
As much as I love me some Sandy, vilifying alleged cheaters is not exactly a fair game to play — we'll never know the true circumstances of the marriage between Bullock and James, and speculating isn't very kind to either party. James, however, isn't hiding his infidelity. He told The Daily Mail:
"Yeah, I did cheat on my wife...Yeah, I stood up and took accountability for it and apologised. And that's end of story…The easy [potshot] is like, 'Oh, well you cheated on Sandra Bullock.' That's the world's easiest comeback.'"
...Mhmm, yeah. I'd be lying if it wasn't the thing that James was best known for by the average pop culture obsessee. And James has a point: let sleeping dogs just chill, right?
Unfortunately for James, it's his pseudo explanation for the cheating that might give people some pause:
"In general, both women and men cheat...It's part of life."
And that's when I cringe. Yes, people of any gender are capable of cheating, but let's not forget that cheating kind of sucks. It's also why most of America was so mad at James in 2010. James deserves to move on from his past relationship mistakes — especially now that he's decided to take a step back from the spotlight to "be a better dad" to his kids — but maybe it's better if he just stops talking about the Bullock thing. Can't put your foot in your mouth if you never open it.

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